Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Donovan's Brain


How is it this Creature Double Feature sci-fi gem, which stars Nancy Reagan no less, hasn't made it to our Monster List? Dr. Patrick Cory is a good man, he is dedicated to his work, loves his wife Janice and is an all around stand up guy. When Donovan, a millionaire with a nasty demeanor dies, Dr. Cory cannot resist the opportunity to confuscate his brain. He keeps the brain alive in a tank with some nasty liquid and electrodes so he can attempt to tap into it but the experiment goes haywire and Donovan's brain telepathically takes control of Dr. Cory forcing him to behave much out of character. It's up to his wife and his drunken lab assistant to destroy the brain before it destroys Cory.

I think I'll name him Ronald

Oh how I do love these old films. Everyone is running around all serious and upset, hamming up the screen while this ridiculous looking brain just glows and pulsates in its tank. Several times there is a short dramatic pause before Dr. Cory says...Donovan's Brain. Don't you just love when they say the title of the film within the film? But let's forget about the brain, I couldn't stop fixating on Nancy Reagan's head which seemed abnormally large for her extremely slight figure. And what are the odds of both her and her future husband starring in films with monkeys? Well to be fair Ron actually worked with a chimp. Oh how the mind does wander while taking in a 50's classic.


JPX said...

Haha, terrific review! I saw this movie outside of Horrorthon a long time ago and I agree with your review. The Nancy Reagan quip made me laugh out loud.

AC said...

This sounds awfully familiar, though I can't tell whether I've seen this movie or just many others like it.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Thanks for reminding me that I need to watch some black and white films. Great selection.

DKC said...

Great review! I love that he's such a good guy but he can't resist confiscating a BRAIN.