Saturday, October 10, 2015


2012  ***1/2

A green ball of light falls from the sky one night five miles west of a small Irish island, and afterwards tentacled, bloodsucking creatures of various sizes start making their way landward.  Meanwhile the island's alcoholic cop is annoyed at his new workaholic partner, and there's a big storm coming in (big storms are bad if you want help to come or are beset by monsters who need to stay wet all the time).

The kicker to this one is that the monsters are highly allergic to alcohol, so to keep the populace safe the handful of folks who know what's going on invite the whole town to the pub for a drunken party -- and of course the folks in charge have to stay pretty drunk, too.

In the tradition of Shaun of the Dead and Attack the Block, Grabbers is a satisfying horror comedy with loads of charming people with just the best accents.   Besides that it's got some of the most beautiful location shots I've seen in any horror movie, and a big monster that's very satisfying to watch, especially when it does a high-speed roll towards its intended prey.

It's like a bigger, way more hostile Koosh ball

I thought this sagged a bit in the third act, and the newly hatched Grabbers were more silly than scary, but this is a monster romp worth your time.


Catfreeek said...

Excellent! A monster that you have to be drunk to fight it, that's just great! Another one to add to my list.

AC said...

Such a fun movie, and right smack in the biddy-friendly zone.

DKC said...

I loved this!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Never even heard of this before but I'm sold by the review and picture.

7ofNine said...

I loved this one! The big-ass music score impressed the heck out of me, too! Totally unexpected. I agree with AC, that it was a really fun movie. Yay!