Friday, October 23, 2015



Great effects but can be confusing and predictable at times. I wish it ended differently.
Kaylie is reconnecting with her brother Tim, who was just released from a psychiatric home. Ten years ago their father killed their mother, resulting in little Tim shooting his dad. After having a brief lunch together, Kaylie takes Tim to their childhood home that has been left to them. She shows him the "Lasser Glass" mirror which she believes caused the family tragedy.
It really is a cool mirror

Kaylie has spent the last ten years making sure that she acquires the mirror, becoming  an antiques dealer to do so. Ever since she had it in her possession, she has been seeing things and having flashbacks to her childhood and their first encounter with the mirror in their new house.
She explains to Tim on how they need to "kill" the mirror, seeing it has caused 37 deaths over the centuries. Tim isn't convinced that its true, but goes along with her plan. She is annoyingly controlling and makes you wonder why she wasn't put away too!
Things are set on a timer, when to eat, when to drink, no phone calls allowed in the room and when an anchor will be set to smash the mirror. She even brought a dog for the mirror, since their childhood dog became sick and went missing inside the room that the mirror was in. 
This part of the movie has a ton of flashbacks between the two and makes you wonder what really happened. Also many confusing parts on what is reality too. In the end, it is worth the watch.


Catfreeek said...

I found this film confusing as well, the blurred lines between then and now make it difficult to follow.

Octopunk said...

Hmm, that sounds pretty clumsy. Mirror movies, though! It's a thing! Abby gets first blood cred for this one.

AC said...

No thanks for confusing! I just don't have the patience. Ambiguous, fine; confusing is too frustrating.