Sunday, October 04, 2015

Stag Night


A group of guys just looking to enjoy a good bachelor party get off in the wrong place while taking the subway. They wind up lost in the old tunnels while being pursued by a pack of angry cannibals. Sounds fun right? I thought so, but this film pissed me off in far too many ways for me to give it a good rating. Bad decisions are made one after another, women stand by idly while the men who rescue them fight and ultimately end up dead, the cannibals are more like grunting cavemen who escaped from the Quest for Fire set. On a high note, the film might have been more appropriately titles 101 Ways to Decapitate a Person. I don't think I've ever seen such an elaborate display of decapitations in one single film. This is what earned it the extra half star.


AC said...

Too bad this wasn't more entertaining! Will totally steer clear.

JPX said...

That's a great premise, too bad it doesn't pan out! Nothing ruins a movie for me more than people making decisions they would never make in real life (e.g. Prometheus). Thanks for the warning!

DCD said...

Ugh, no thanks!!

Octopunk said...

Yeah, the bad decision thing is a total killer for me, too. I mean, I like yelling at the people on TV, I just don’t seek it out, you know?

However, the heavy use of decapitations intrigues me. I’m glad you pointed that out, Cat. Also, I love Horrorthon for just that kind of fact finding.