Wednesday, October 07, 2015



Evan's life is in shambles, he's lost both of his parents, lost his job and after getting into a bar fight with a thug who threatens revenge he decides it is time to move on and start over so he leaves California and sets off for Italy. He immediately meets a couple of British blokes who he starts palling around with, they visit a tourist area but it is too expensive there and they want to leave but after Evan sees a beautiful girl at a local pub he bids farewell to the boys and decides on a whim that this is where he is going to settle down. He takes a job at a local farm for a room and begins pursuing the girl. Louise reluctantly begins dating Evan, she is harboring a dark and dangerous secret. Her struggle seems to torment her while Evan remains clueless about her double life.

This was a surprise find, any description I found on the film was decidedly vague so I was intrigued. The question that surfaces almost immediately after meeting Louise is, what is she? Vampire? Werewolf? Or something entirely different. Now here is where I become vague, as their romance blossoms so does the back story. Different, dramatic, horrifying, romantic and disturbing, these are all words I can use to describe this film. There is a most definite pattern to most horror films, once you get your footing you realize what type of situation/creature you're dealing with and from there you can clearly see what needs to be done. I am always pleasantly taken aback when a film takes an entirely different approach. It's like watching with new eyes. Spring is as refreshing and new as the season itself.


AC said...

How rare to find a film that surprises you, Catfreeek! Good find.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yup, you got me intrigued now too Catfreeeek.

Octopunk said...

Agreed, that sounds very cool. I place a lot of stock in new ideas in, well, in anything. But it's particularly satisfying in art and it's particularly particularly satisfying in the art of film.

Nothing like a pretty girl with problems, am I right fellas?