Friday, October 30, 2015

Exhibit A


This horrifically uncomfortable found footage film is difficult to watch almost from the get go. A teenage girl is given a video camera and begins documenting the unravelling of her father. She isn't sure what is wrong with him but his patience seems to have grown short and he is obsessed with building a family pool. She follows him around stealth style and discovers he has lost his job. Not knowing what revealing info is on the film, dad confiscates the camera and shows it to the whole family revealing his secret and causing a huge falling out with his wife. He goes a little further off the rails after that and decides to make his own film which includes going through each of his family members rooms and revealing their most intimate secrets including the giant dildo his wife had hidden which he then shows the film to the family. This behavior in no way helps his marriage causing him to completely derail to an inevitable and highly disturbing conclusion.

If found footage is your thing and you want to watch a good man turn into a monster then I recommend this wholeheartedly. As an observer you can easily see where his family, by reacting in fear instead of logic seem to goad his behavior forward. I was uncomfortable watching it but then again people with short fuses do frighten me.


JPX said...

I saw this one and it's a good one! People love or loathe found footage films and for those who love them (me) check this one out!

AC said...

Yikes. Sounds genuinely upsetting.

Octopunk said...

While this sounds like the kind of flick I don't go for I am kinda curious about this one. I recall JPX reviewing it before.