Monday, October 12, 2015

Teenage Caveman

(1958) **

The 1958 Teenage Caveman is a standard Roger Corman low budget affair that is probably best known for its MST3K treatment. I will say that it's nearly unwatchable without the wise-cracking robots.

If you're a 1958 director with little to no budget then a caveman movie is a reasonable choice. Costumes take very little effort and it's easy to pad with stock footage and occasional stop-motion animation.

The film presents the hardships of being a twenty-something teenage caveman. Said hardships include wooing the blonde love interest, disobeying authority by crossing a forbidden river and fighting grown men in rubber dinosaur outfits. All of the actors involved are a) over-emoters or b) only present because producers were unable to hire anyone who actually wanted to be there.

I suppose I should give a spoiler warning (as if there is a person on earth who doesn't want the ending ruined..) *** Spoiler! *** This ridiculous movie culminates with the revelation that the cavemen are living in a post nuclear holocaust world.

Which brings us to: Teenage Caveman (2002) 


  1. I remember the MST3K version of this well, can't imagine it without the robots. Sounds dreadful.

  2. Hilarious! I think it's funny when cave people try to be romantic. I mean, wouldn't they stink of B.O. and shit? Not to mention the hair...

  3. They were all clean shaven. Some of them had farmer's tans.

  4. Based on Quest for Fire, I’d think most romance would be based on crushing the skulls of other males and, well, rape.

    I don’t think I could watch this without the robots. At least it’s short.