Sunday, September 28, 2008

C3P-Oh my!

Star Wars Topps trading card #207 is a well-known collectible among non-sports card collectors (i.e. nerds/JPX). This image comes from the 4th series of Star Wars trading cards (green series) and at this point virtually every image that could be taken from Star Wars and put onto a trading card had been done (believe it or not, a 5th series, the orange series, would soon follow) and I can only imagine that the people at Topps were getting a bit sick of Star Wars and wanted to have a little fun. Thus, to the surprise of the Star Wars trading card collecting community, the famous "X-rated C3PO" card was inserted into a number of packs.

The official word from the Star Wars camp is that the mistake comes from a random trick of light and shadows, but most others believe it was a disgruntled employee replicating part of the picture to make 3PO look so well endowed. It's not too hard to find this card on the collector's market (yes JPX has one), but it makes for an interesting conversation piece.

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Johnny Sweatpants said...

How am I just hearing about this now? That's hilarious, particularly because 3PO looks genuinely surprised at the size of his own "rod".