Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something else fun for October

Remember when Horrorthoners went to check out the atheist toys? Looks like the website is almost up and running, so you can pick up your evolution playmat and creature coloring book.
Best of luck tonight. I know I will be an incredibly minor player, mostly here to support Jeff as he tries to squeeze in even a few movies.


JPX said...

I actually meant to do a post on this the other day. I stumbled across this site after deleting old email and I noticed that it was updated. The commercial is the funniest thing because it tries to make the (boring) product exciting. I still dig the tee-shirts though and intend to pick some up.

Whirlygirl said...

I'll have to check out the commercial.

Octopunk said...

I love that Dunkleosteus! The other fish below it and to the left I've never heard of. It looks like it has a radar dish.