Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dead Snow

(2009) ***1/2

What we have here is a nice twist to a familiar story. A group of young people arrive at a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere for a weekend of fun and skiing. A creepy old man shows up to warn them that bad things happen in the area. They basically pat him on his head and then send him on his way. Soon after, all hell breaks loose. The fun quickly turns to a fight for survival against a platoon of Nazi zombies.

These zombies were awesome. Like a whole platoon of Big Ben's from the 1986 film “House”. However, unlike house this is not a comedy horror. There is a little humor but not enough to make the movie silly. It's extremely bloody, the characters are all pretty likeable and the zombies are bad ass. Watching foreign horror makes me think about how shallow and stereotyped so many of the American movies are. For instance, when we're introduced to the characters in this film one of the guys is a fat guy. I automatically assumed he was going be the comedy relief, annoying pervert with no girlfriend. He's actually the only guy in the film to get laid. It's really just a group of friends, amazingly they didn't bring anyone one with them who is majorly annoying.

This year I am trying to cram in as many zombie flicks as humanly possible. Some I know will be sorely disappointing. Dead Snow is not one of those films, it delivers the goods in a way that is familiar and simultaneously unique. It's fun and I recommend it.


Octopunk said...

Cool! Glad to hear this is good. I thought it was a good idea when I heard about it, just because blood on snow looks so good.

Trevor said...

This is such a good movie! The directors were very inspired by the Evil Dead films, and there are a number of things in here that pay homage to Raimi and the Evil Dead trilogy.

Apparently, this movie was like the box office hit of the season in Norway or Denmark or whatever Northern European country it came from!