Friday, October 02, 2009


(2008) ***

Two outcast high school boys, Rickie and J.T. are messing around in an old asylum when they stumble upon a basement area locked up tight. They break in and find a naked girl chained to a gurney and covered in a sheet of plastic. At first glance they think she's dead but a closer look reveals her to be very much alive. J.T. suggests they use her to fulfill their sexual pleasures while Rickie clearly wants no part of it so he leaves.

Later on J.T. finds Rickie and tells him he needs to come with him and see something. He takes him back to where the girl is and explains that he strangled her to death. Rickie starts to freak out until J.T. shows him that she is still alive. It seems the dead girl can't die. He again tries desperately to convince Rickie to have sex with her. He's now rationalizing that it's okay since she clearly isn't human but Rickie isn't buying it.

The following day Rickie arrives at the asylum only to find another classmate, Wheeler going to town on the undead girl while J.T. Watches. He's totally disgusted by the whole ordeal but afraid or unwilling to turn in his friends. As time progresses J.T. Slips deeper and deeper into this weird relationship with the non-responsive girl. Wheeler starts flapping his lips a little too much and a couple of other boys force him to show her to them. They explain her off as a kinky S&M sex slave who will do anything and convince the head bully to put his member into her mouth. As expected she bites him and the following day he begins to change. He shits his intestines out but big surprise, doesn't die. This gives J.T. An idea, he now sees the potential to make indefinite numbers of these living sex dolls. So he and Wheeler set out to abduct a new girl but the best laid plans often go astray.

This is one of those movies that makes you feel like your a bad dirty person for watching it yet somehow you just can't stop watching it. If the continual raping and sodomizing of the undead dead girl isn't unsettling enough. The transformation of J.T. And progression of his obsession with her will make your skin crawl. There is one scene where he is on top of her applying make up to her face and talking intimately to her that left a real bad taste in my mouth. The girl herself is very creepy of her own rite. She looks like she would fit very comfortably in the best J-horror although this film is American.

This just might take my most disturbing film award this year as “Inside” did last year. It's most definitely a candidate. I couldn't give it more then 3 stars although it had my attention throughout, it just made me feel too icky to give it more. In spite of my warning on the nature of the film, I truly hope someone else watches it. I'd really love to hear a second opinion.


Trevor (Tami's friend) said...

I read a magazine article about this one a couple months ago and decided to stay far away - although I'm sure that I am a slightly strange individual for being entertained by ghosts and zombies murdering and eating brains willy-nilly, I'm not at the stage where I find dramatized rape entertaining. Yeah, that's just a little too real.

Octopunk said...

Wow, that sounds fuct up! And sick as it is, I have to admit the idea's pretty original.

AC said...

sorry catfreeek, can't watch this one, not even for you! could barely get through the review.

Mr. AC said...

After reading your excellent review of Deadgirl, my morbid curiosity got the better of me and I did a quick Google search for "streaming deadgirl." Surprisingly (to me, at least), my search turned up a working link to a streaming version of the film. The quality was poor and the stream kept on timing out, but I was able to watch enough of Deadgirl to experience the icky, unsettled, "bad dirty person" feelings you describe. It also inspired me to write a haiku:

Should have known better
Than to put your penis in
A zombie girl's mouth

Deadgirl also made me wonder just how disturbing a film I can tolerate. Has anyone watched any of the Japanese Guinea Pig films? They seem like they might be a good "stimulus" to use in my experiment.

JPX said...

Mr. AC, you can find virtually any film to watch on

DCD said...

Yeah - I'm with AC, I found it kind of hard to get through your review - definitely not the movie for me.

Catfreeek said...

Mr. AC your haiku format is brilliant. Cannibal Holocaust is and should have had my most unbearable and I should have named it the most disturbing. I guess it was just so bad I blocked it.

Most disturbing thing I ever saw was a film on the net call 3 guys 1 hammer. I didn't know what it was and got a chacha question about it so I googled it.It's an actual video that some Ukranian guy shot of him and his friends bashing a guys head in. I was about a minute or so into it when I realized it wasn't fake and shut it off. I felt sick and totally disgusted that something like this can be found so easily on the net. It's worse than the jihad hostage beheading that took place on camera and was all over the net. This is a real honest to goodness snuff film and it doesn't make me feel one bit better knowing the guys are in prison. Really sick.

Mr. AC said...
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Mr. AC said...

I've never seen Cannibal Holocaust (and don't know if I could sit through it), but I saw a documentary on snuff films that referred to it. The documentary was well done, although pretty disturbing, and ultimately concluded that, to date, there has never been an actual documented snuff film -- at least, that is the official FBI take on the matter.

You can find the documentary on YouTube (it's a 5 part series):

Do snuff movies exist [Part 1 of 5]
Do snuff movies exist [Part 2 of 5]
Do snuff movies exist [Part 3 of 5]
Do snuff movies exist [Part 4 of 5]
Do snuff movies exist [Part 5 of 5]

In tracking down the above links, I read about a more recent documentary on snuff films, aptly titled Snuff, that won for Most Disturbing Film at the 2008 Seattle True Independent Film Festival. I haven't seen it, but it's availabe on NetFlix for instant viewing: