Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm not wearing any pants!

Seriously, where is everyone today? Rare Star Wars pictures! Jason Voorhees takes a corpse to Burger King! Is this blog on?

This is a picture of No Pants Day, 2008. How did I miss No Pants Day? Are you people to blame? I'm looking into it!


JPX said...

I agree, where the hell is everyone? Post damnit, it inspires me to put up more stuff! At least give me a few mercy comments.

Those green pants still freak me out!

Catfreeek said...

Okay I have to ask. Why do the green pants freak you out?

HandsomeStan said...

I don't have the time to find & link to the actual post, but I do remember JPX confessing to an inexplicable fear of those pants, a fear to which I and others succumbed (and posted as such) as children. There was just something so...eerie about that image. All from Seuss' twisted mind. I usually had to have "The Sneetches" read to me a few times to come down from the paralyzing fear of those pants. I still get vestigial twinges when I look at it.

And re: the second pic - oh, to be a bicycle seat.

(It was a batshit crazy day, but now I'm home, happily whiskeying and Thonning. Hey - I noticed a few weeks ago that miko is no longer on the Contributators list. Did he formally retire from the blog?)

Julie said...


JPX said...

After Miko was quiet for 6 months I took his name of the contributor's list. A long time later he emailed and aksed to be placed back on. I placed him back on and then, well, nothing. Miko's lack of presence on Horrorthon has baffled me for a long time. After heavy involvement for a while he just stopped participating one day. I'm happy to put him back on as a contributor any time, but I tend to remove names when people haven't contributed for at least 6 months.