Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Undercover Boss

Any other H'thonners into this show? I never watch reality television but I've eagerly devoured all eight episodes of this excellent, Dickensian CBS series. It's uplifting and troubling at the same time; I think it's, like, the essential chronicle of these our times. Anyway I'm curious if anyone else from our little corner of the internet is into this.


Julie said...

Yes, I saw the episode with the 7-11 guy. I really like a lot of reality TV. I don't think it's so fair to dismiss it as a genre. If it's entertaining and uplifting, or even if it's a guilty pleasure, the same things could be said of scripted television.

But in any case, that's a larger topic. Suffice it to say I really think this show is a great one. I just forgot to Tivo subsequent episodes.

Jordan said...

I didn't dismiss it! I just don't watch it.

The 7-11 guy was great; my favorite. It's all good, though.

Jordan said...

And there's no "guilt" at all associated with any of my television pleasure!

Julie said...

Ah, misunderstood not watching as dismissal.

Probably because every time I tune in to a reality show, Octo acts like we're doing our taxes. Then he gets hooked!

Anonymous said...

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