Thursday, March 25, 2010

Results HHD Co-workers

I have to say this was the most difficult HHD decision I've had to make. So many great contributions, just so funny.

JPX's obsession with poop and barrage of ribbing brought on by JSP addressing it had me literally laughing to tears. Stan, I totally agree we should have a JPX poop haiku day!

Uni-sex bathroom
Who left the floating B.M.?
I don't want to know

Octo has me green with envy with this one:

Robot Chicken stint
Seth Green shared joint after work
Celebs have best weed

I totally want his job.

AC represented with charm & grace as she chose to mentally blot out what appear to be some of the worlds all time worst co-workers.

jeff's right, we worked with
alcoholics, borderlines
narcissists galore

come to think of it
a catalogue of assholes
*resume forgetting*

jeff, former colleague,
is retraumatizing me
haiku hiatus please!

JSP got a taste of karma when he got poop bombed after picking on JPX.

Damn karma police
Just got back from the restroom
The stench made me cringe

and strangely enough completed the day with another barrage on poop.

It is getting late
But I must tell you this tale
The office "shitter"

Shit stains led the way
Crime scene: the ladies bathroom
Suffocating stench

I am on the case
As is my trusty sidekick
We will solve this crime

Stan truly captured the essence of co-worker hell with:

Waited two hours
For actress to stop crying
Reason? No talent.

DCD made me glad I never got into the hotel business.

Found one girl asleep
on bags of ancient towels.
She still kept her job.

Did manage to can
the one we found stealing cards
from wedding couples.

So who wins? I have been struggling all day with these entries.

From JPX

Is what a patient called me
Now that's my nick-name

and Octo. I could just imagine the look on your face when you realized what Gregario was saying.

Discussed quitting time
"Going to have me a beer
And then masturbate."

It's "hace pajo"
Since I know you're curious
Hand motion translates

In the end I had to go with JPX because I could imagine no worse hell than being cursed with the nick-name Super-delicious day after day. Congratulations and you have my sympathy.


HandsomeStan said...

Aw yeah. I think JPX = SDL from now on.

Congrats, mofo!

AC said...

congratulations, super-delicious!

DCD said...

I love how ridiculous JPX's nicknames are! First Boom-Boom and now Super Delicious. Hilarious!

AC said...

i try to be "zen"
but will always be jealous
of octo (seth green!!!!!)

Octopunk said...

Congratulations, you super-delicious jerk!

To be fair, I should point out to those jealous of me that I haven't worked at Robot Chicken in a year and a half, and now I'm temping. I'm still pretty damn cool.

JPX said...

Thank you all! As usual I don't believe that deserved to win but I'll accept the honor. I thought it was a terrific topic. I was diappointed that there wasn't a single Showcase Cinemas haiku given that most of us worked there. I wanted to write more but it was an unuaully busy day. Now I need to go back to drawing board for next week's topic...

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I fell off my chair laughing when I read Stan's:

Pac-Man poops at work
In which corner of the maze?
I will not go there

Like all haikus, it's much funnier if you picture him reading it deadpan in a pretentious Berkeley beatnik coffee shop.

I forgot about Boom Boom! How did we ever let that nickname get buried? Never again!

AC said...

the coolness factor
of smoking up with seth green
has a long half-life

AC said...

and catfreeek, your "results" writeup is disgustingly hilarious and disturbing.

Octopunk said...

Actually, now that you mention it, the set-up post for this topic was really good, too. I thought this was a riot:

"The party animal. This person comes in hungover on any given day of the week. Once they wake up they usually have a few good stories."

Catfreeek said...

Thanks everyone, it was really tough to decide a winner. So many great haikus. I wish there had been a few about Showcase as well. I wanted to do some but I was gone most of the evening working on that film (I'll post an update soon). Looking forward to next week's super-delicious topic.

HandsomeStan said...

I think he should do "Cooking," with your host, Super Delicious.

And I want to see pictures of the women coworkers that call him that.