Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Original Tron Gets Modernized Fan-Created Trailer


HandsomeStan said...

Holy fuckballs, that's awesome.

It really speaks to something that's never addressed: the increasingly sophisticated art form of The Trailer.

Any trailer from the 70s into the mid-80s is really just a hodge-podge of various disjointed moments in the film. yes, the overall effect was similar, but somewhere along the line, people figured out how to do it RIGHT. My theory is that the generation of brainwashed kids that was raised on MTV quick-edits to tell a story started to find maturity (and editing jobs) in the early- to mid-90s. Add to that the discovery of John "In A World" LaFontaine, and you've got the birth of the modern trailer.

Any piece of dogshit movie that comes out can be made to seem as compelling as this, and sometimes moreso. I remember the trailer for Mortal Kombat, with the kick-ass techno theme song as the backdrop, giving me chills. The movie itself, unfortunately, gave me the shits.

Still, awesome trailer. I'd love to try to pinpoint where, exactly, the transition started to happen between random flailing trailers and the crisp, slick modern ones like this Tron one. I'm going to go look for the original Tron trailer just to see if a side-by-side comparison could be done.

It's so tough to remember good trailers, even though that's often the most memorable part of the moviegoing experience, especially when the movie sucks donkey balls. (See: Meet Joe Black using Episode I's trailer to boost ticket sales. In retrospect, it's like the Elephant Man hanging out with Hitler at a bar and hitting on chicks. Just a bad, bad scenario for all concerned.)

Two side notes: If the original Tron had never existed until now, and THIS trailer appeared, I'd be fucking lining up midnight first day, based on that trailer.

Also, every time a Tron-related post appears here, I end up re-watching the movie that very night. Happens about every week and a half, two weeks. And it's awesome. Pressing Play now.

End Of Line

JPX said...

Agreed! If you want a great example of how not to do a trailer go watch the trailer for the original Halloween, it's embarrassingly bad. Trailer in the 70s were especially horrible as you note.

Jordan said...

Hey guys, here's my 2001 trailer


Octopunk said...

DAMN that kicked ass. How great. I love that the action scenes still play hard despite the fact they're baby steps away from a straight-up cartoon.