Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jordan's modern "2001: A Space Odyssey" trailer

Exactly in line with Handsome Stan's comments about old trailers, here's my modern trailer for Stanley Kubrick' 1968 sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey. I did this a couple of years ago and added it to my reel; all the typography is new, including some CGI text (see above). Take a look.



HandsomeStan said...

Dude, that is GLORIOUS. What's funny is whenever I think of that movie, I think of it as having almost NO dialogue. I think you managed to get 80% of the spoken words in the movie all in the trailer.

But you definitely captured that modern artistry of the proverbial "great trailer." It makes the film feel like a completely different event than what it ended up being.

And I love the last reaction shot of Dave. Genius.

Jordan said...

Glad you like it! Thanks. I'm pretty pleased with it myself. Conveying the gist of 2001 in exactly two and a half minutes was not easy, but the narrative structures of modern-day trailers (text vs. dialogue, sudden "things go wrong" interruption of the flow etc.) work so excellently that it was a pleasure to use them for my favorite movie. Sure, I'm misrepresenting the tone of the movie a bit, but so what.

HandsomeStan said...

Within your last response is the makings of a great parody trailer. "Thing Suddenly Goes Wrong" is hilarious - right up there with TBTBT.

I'd make a trailer about trailers themselves. Flash cuts to the text, which just reads "Important Text," cut back to people talking about talking, cut back to text "Some More Important Words," building to an epic conclusion: The Trailer, coming soon.

Jordan said...

My favorite "trailerus interruptus" moment (i.e. Things Suddenly Go Wrong) is in the trailer for The Russia House:

In the story, the main purpose of the London "Russia house" itself its communication with agents in the field, and there's a big electronic text display on the wall with satellite-phone messages from Connery in Moscow like "AM APPROACHING INTERSECTION--LOOKING FOR CONTACT NOW" which display through the movie (and the trailer).

At that moment in the trailer (you know; that moment) there's some sudden scuffling around, Connery or Pfeiffer looks alarmed, and the music suddenly changes over a cut to the big electronic display, which just reads "WAIT"

Catfreeek said...

Great job Jordan. Stan I was thinking the exact same thing about the dialogue.