Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Astro-Zombies

(1968) *

Frankenstein rip-off
Framed against cold war back-drop
so bad, it's not good

The Astro-Zombies
There aren't any zombies
Nor Astros. Discuss

The Astro Zombies
A film, as well as a French
Psychobilly band

A little known fact
Astro-Zombies was prequel
to Friday 13th

Poor posture is the
Hallmark of evil sidekicks
Come on, guys, stand proud

Silencer how-to:
Wrap gun barrel in tin foil
Cue classic "phhht" sound

Tiny tin robots
Cacophony of war sounds
As the credits roll


Catfreeek said...

Really loving these reviews done in haiku.

Octopunk said...

Agreed! I love "So bad, it's not good." Because we've all been there.

DCD said...

I really liked how you worked in "French Psychobilly band"!

HandsomeStan said...

I really feel like this review format is groundbreaking, revolutionary, a breath of fresh air, and, dare I say, necessary.

I nominate Mr. AC for Most Original Review.