Friday, October 09, 2009

The Brotherhood of Satan

(1971) **1/2

Typical 70's Satanic mumbo jumbo also reviewed by JSP who also gave it the eh nod. The film involves a family getting stuck in a town full of witches. The witches abduct their daughter along with 12 other children from the town so they can perform a ritual. A group of chanting old timers in red robes and one younger member as well. This younger woman amused me because she looked a bit like Shelley Long and it was amusing to think of prudish Diane from Cheers pledging her loyalty to Satan. Another amusing moment came when the fruity old guy who was leading the ritual gave his dramatic ritualistic speech. They were panning the room and I noticed that a few of the supposedly hypnotized children looked like they were fighting off the urge to burst out laughing. These films are fun to watch but unfortunately most of them lack what it takes to be scary.

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Octopunk said...

Wow, that is like the least appealing coven I've ever seen. They must bake great cookies, or else nobody would ever join.