Saturday, October 10, 2009

Exte: Hair Extensions (Ekusute)

(2007) ***1/2

Security personnel find a dead body amongst a trailer full of hair meant for extensions. The mortician, who has a huge hair fetish discovers that if he cuts the hair it continues to grow. He starts selling the hair extensions to local salons and here's where the trouble really starts. Anyone who wears these extensions is in for a huge surprise, they come to life.

The extensions enter into their bodies and hair finds a way out of just about any orifice it can find. It might even start growing right through the skin at any given time.

What a freaky film this is. It's really only a 3 star movie, if that as far as plot and acting are concerned. However, the growing hair pushed me up to the 3 ½ rating.

Hair growing out of her tongue, how mind blowing is that!

Hair literally pouring from eye sockets. Yikes!

Weird film that is half creepy and half humor but well worth it for the experience. Now if you'll excuse me I must go shower, I'm all itchy for some reason.


Octopunk said...

Jeez, way to make a movie out of one single tool from the J-horror toolbox. I think there's even an evil wig scene in Ring Zero.

Mr. AC said...

Great review, Catfreeek!
Clear need for sequel starring
Edward Scissorhands

DCD said...


Catfreeek said...

Yuck is exactly how I felt throughout the film.

Jordan said...

You know, if it wasn't for all the copious screengrabs I would be convinced that Catfreeek was making up all these movies and scamming us. (Which would be no less impressive -- and probably more impressive -- a feat than actually finding, watching and reviewing 200 incredibly weird movies in 11 days.)

Catfreeek said...

I'd be flattered to death if you guys actually thought I was creative enough to come up with some of this stuff.

Jordan said...

Now your next movie review is going to be Flattered to Death (1998) ***