Monday, August 30, 2010

Box Office

From ew [excerpt], This one may not be decided until tomorrow as the top two films are only separated by a meager $300,000. It’s interesting that for a weekend that wasn’t generating much attention from Hollywood, both new releases have now grossed over $20 million, creating a real horse race. The Last Exorcism led the charge Friday night, but Takers has come up from behind and is getting mighty close to Exorcism’s gross. Both films well over-performed expectations, with Takers earning an estimated $21 million for the weekend and Exorcism an estimated $21.3 million. It’s likely that either Lionsgate or Sony Pictures has overestimated their Sunday number, though, and we may have a different outcome tomorrow.

If you are to trust the exit polling, The Last Exorcism was universally despised by audiences. According to CinemaScore, the film generated a D with audiences. Not even the younger crowd, which is usually more accepting of movies, could muster more than a failing grade for the documentary-style thriller. Takers fared better, earning a B from audiences, with women under 25 enjoying the film the most.

The rest of the weekend was dominated by holdovers, with the most recent releases falling most. Lottery Ticket dropped a steep 65 percent while Piranha 3-D lost 60 percent of its value. The re-release of Avatar didn’t make much of a dent in its box office, earning only $4 million in its 812 theaters for a twelfth-place finish. The film has now earned close to $754 million domestically.

Spot three for the frame was held by The Expendables, which in its third week grossed an estimated $9.5 million, dropping 44 percent since last weekend for a total cume of $82 million. Eat Pray Love earned $7 million for a total gross of $60 million. And slot five went to The Other Guys, which has stayed in the top five since opening a month ago. Losing only 37 percent of its value for an additional $6.6 million, the film is just on the cusp of $100 million with $99.3 million.


Octopunk said...

I saw a print ad for Expendables that I liked. It said "the summer isn't over until we say so!"

JPX said...

The Expendables was terrifc fun! As 50p noted in another post, it delivers exactly what you hope it's going to deliver. Loved it.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

The Expendables is the best action movie since god knows when and I'll punch anyone in the balls who feels otherwise. That movie had it all, man. I was punching the air nearly half the movie.

So good.

Catfreeek said...

Tony & I saw The Last Exorcism, all told it was pretty lame. We should have gone to The Expendables.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yeah, you blew that one Catfreeek. Expendables! I hope it makes Steve Austin a movie star. It was the first big budget film and he played an awesome henchman.

*mild spoiler*

I love the part when Stallone is all "bring it" and then Austin tackles him through a wall.

Catfreeek said...

Well at least we didn't have to pay for it.

AC said...

scott pilgrim was great fun. both jon and i loved it. if you like video games, graphic novels, indie rock, and sean of the dead, go see scott pilgrim in theaters before it disappears. it is totally big-screen-worthy.