Tuesday, August 31, 2010

‘Machete’ is gonna be a good movie

From wwtdd, Robert Rodriguez got a lot of free press for his new movie “Machete” when he cast Lindsay Lohan in a minor but pivotal role, as a famous girl with big boobs who appears naked in the movie, ‘Machete’. But who knew that the superhot Mayra Leal was gonna be naked too?

Hopefully she did, because she hides a cell phone in her vagina in this clip that’s leaked online, and if they just kind of sprung this on her at the last second, or worse, if she didn’t know they were filming, she’s probably gonna be pretty embarrassed.

She shouldn’t be though because that’s what I would do if I had a vagina too. Hide things in it. Like candy when I went to the movies.

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Landshark said...

Hm. I might have to give up my Robert Rodriquez boycott for this one. Looks like he's back on track!