Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rod Serling Talks Favorite "Twilight Zone" Episodes in Lost Interview

From worstpreviews, never-before-seen interview from 1970 with "The Twilight Zone" creator Rod Serling has just surfaced on YouTube for the first time, showing sci-fi author James Gunn discussing Serling's show and sci-fi in general.

Regarding "The Twilight Zone," Serling stated: "I think it failed in terms of its consistency. It was very good some weeks, quite bad other weeks. But this is pretty much the track record of most television, by virtue of its desperate overexposure and the brevity of time allotted to us to produce something that is qualitative. But overall, I would say that it was a creative series. We did much more creating than we did imitating. I think we tried things — failed frequently, succeeded other times. But I think the mark of the show was the quite perceivable attempt at quality that went on in the show."

He went on to say that his two favorite episodes were "The Invaders," about a woman fighting off little aliens emerging from the roof of her house, and "Time Enough at Last," about a book lover who finds himself alone with his books after a nuclear war.

Go here and here to watch the interview, which also has Serling admitting that he's a terrible sci-fi writer and discussing another sci-fi show, "Star Trek."

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