Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Go To Sleep

(1982) TVM**

Two of the most self engrossed parents (Dennis Weaver and Valerie Harper) and their bickering little brats move to a new house. They are happy for a change after the death of their daughter Jennifer. Grandma is also moving in, she's a pushy old battleaxe who likes to criticize everything. In other words, no one is very charming here. More information is revealed regarding the personalities of these people as we move forward. Dad is drinking way too much, in fact Dennis Weaver spends most of the film in a drunken stupor. He was wise, if I had to deal with those ungrateful kids I would probably do the same. He also has no say in matters of the house, this is quite apparent by the way his wife squashes his nuts anytime he tries to add his input. Like Mother Like daughter, which means she and her Mother do quite a bit of arguing as well.

The very first night in the new house their daughter Mary startles everyone awake with screams. They rush to her room only to find her bed engulfed in flames. She claims something that was under the bed did it. Upon investigation her father finds a lamp with a faulty wire and the mystery is explained. The following night while sharing a room with her brother Kevin, Mary hears her name being whispered and freaks out again. Soon after she discovers the voice is actually the ghost of her dead sister Jennifer. She tells Jennifer she will keep her presence secret and the two girls begin to concoct mischief. Before we know it people are dying all around them and the whole family becomes unraveled.

Remember this kid from Poltergeist? He's the bratty little brother.

I didn't hate this film, it actually held my attention throughout. The mysterious relationship between the sisters was actually very suspenseful. I gave it two stars because the constant bickering between the nasty kids and the endless panic driven by the Mother just grated on my nerves. I felt like I was stuck at some dysfunctional family reunion and couldn't wait for it to be over.


JPX said...

I watched this one as well and completely agree with your review! The kids were such jerks. It's always nice to see Rhoda in anything though.

Catfreeek said...

Yeah, I love Rhoda.

DCD said...

That silhouette is hysterical.

Catfreeek said...

I stole it from Octo's Poltergeist review.