Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ghost of Flight 401

(1978) TVM *1/2

Apparently based of a true account, in 1972 Eastern Airlines flight 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades when the crew did not realize that the autopilot had been deactivated. The small crew was distracted because the front wheel of the plane would not properly deploy. As a result all 103 passengers were killed. All salvageable parts were culled from the plane’s wreckage and used in other airplanes. Soon reports came in of passengers seeing the ghost of the flight engineer (Ernest Borgnine) haunting these other airplanes.

When I think of ghosts I think of this,

Not this,

In the Ghost of Flight 401 Borgnine’s apparition is ultimately benevolent as he attempts to warn passengers of possible airplane dangers (e.g., an impending fire). Apparently, however, he didn’t think this through very carefully given that his sudden appearances seem to incite mayhem rather than comfort. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want this film you’ll never watched spoiled for you. Still with me? In the end it is concluded that Borgnine is not at peace because he feels responsible for the plane crash. After the airline gives him permission to crossover he walks into the light leaving this terrible world behind.

From Wikipedia, “Over the following months and years, employees of Eastern Air Lines began reporting sightings of the dead crew members on board another L-1011 (N318EA). The story was that parts of Flight 401 were salvaged after the crash investigation and refitted into the other L-1011. "Sightings" of the spirits of Don Repo and Bob Loft spread throughout Eastern Air Lines to the point where Eastern's management warned employees that they could face dismissal if caught spreading ghost stories. Eastern Air Lines CEO Frank Borman called it "garbage" and considered suing the producers of the 1978 made-for-TV movie The Ghost of Flight 401 for libel.”


DCD said...

Hilarious,JPX! Ernest Borgnine. *snort*

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Haha, this sounds like a hoot. Ernest Borgnine dabbled in horror over the years. I recall an ok devil worship movie he starred in.

Catfreeek said...

I love Ernest Borgnine and that picture is so friggin' funny as an alternative to the creepy ring girl.

Whirlygirl said...

Who is Ernest Bornine?

JPX said...

[slaps head in disbelief]