Friday, October 02, 2009

El Retorno del Hombre Lobo (The Night of the Werewolf)

(1981) **

In medieval times an evil witch and her possessed minions are put to death. Centuries later three super hot female scientists discover the grave site in a remote mountain area. One of the super hotties is a Satan worshipping devotee of the evil witch who plans to perform a ritual to bring the old girl back to life. She will need the blood of her colleagues to complete the ritual. Before they can get to the grave site two bumbling thieves accidentally revive Waldemar, the werewolf a long dead unwilling minion to the witch. Waldemar kills off the thieves then later transform to his human self. He heroically rescues the three hotties from some grubby robbers and lets them stay at his castle when their car breaks down.

One of the ladies falls in love with Waldemar while the Satan worshipper carries out her ritual using her other friend. When the witch is revived we immediately discover that she is now a vampire. She quickly sinks her teeth into the two woman turning them into vampires as well. Soon after she raises a mummy who we can assume is the second minion but he's pretty useless. Now it's up to Waldemar & his lady to stop the evil vampires before they can succeed in bringing hell to earth.

I absolutely adore these kind of films although they are decidedly bad. The director is just so damn proud of it that he comes on and does this commentary before the film. He goes on to tell us all about how his film is going to make us feel because he's sure that it'll be so frightening we should be forewarned. Hilarious!

Although the film is shot in 1981 it has the feel of an early '70's flick. The transition between scenes is abrupt and choppy. One scene shows the girls being rescued and in the next it's insinuated that they have been staying with Waldemar for some time. The time jumping is constant, it's like he tried to fit too much story into too little time. The werewolf looks much like the Lon Chaney Jr. creature but on a lower budget. One scene shows the transformation and it's not near as smooth as Chaney's 1941 version. Remember this is 1981, the same year “American Werewolf in London” came out. I know I'm not comparing apples to apples here but really, it's that bad. The final fight scene is done in slow motion so we're sure not to miss even one second of this werewolf/vampire extravaganza. The only reason I knew the movie was over is because the screen froze and the word "end" popped up. Very fun to watch but don't go into this hoping to feel any more than amused.


DCD said...

Seriously, where do you find these things Cat?

Octopunk said...

I think Cat has a tiny door in her house and dvds mysteriously appear behind it, placed there by gnomes from a parallel reality.

This sounds delightfully terrible.