Tuesday, October 05, 2010


(1989) ***

This dark comedy stars Baxter, a talking pit bull terrier in search for the perfect home. His living quarters begin with an elderly woman, who after getting over her fear of Baxter is eager to have him as a companion. The two main problems with this relationship are that Baxter doesn’t enjoy the way she smells, and she rarely lets him go outside. The situation grows even darker for Baxter when the woman breaks her foot falling down the stairs, a warning from the terrier she failed to see. She now camps out on the downstairs couch where she expects the pooch to lie by her side, and barricades the stairway preventing poor Baxter from sneaking upstairs to listen to the across the street neighbors have sex. Baxter finally hits his breaking point when one evening the woman forces him into the bathtub with her. He darts upstairs through the barricade, and soon sends the chasing woman tumbling down the stairs to her death, or at least it’s implied.

And so Baxter’s search for his ideal master continues. As does more homes, more accidents, and more deaths.

This wasn’t a great film, but an interesting one. It definitely scores points for originality.


Octopunk said...

Hmm. I have vague memories of seeing the poster for this when it came out. I think I'm impressed that there's a watchable movie containing a talking dog.

JPX said...

Where are you getting your ideas, Whirly? I've been impressed with your choices this year (I've never heard of any of them before). This just sounds ridiculous! Hopefully you'll discover a 5 star French horror film before the month is over. Nice work.

Catfreeek said...

This sounds like something I would like. Loving your picks as well, keep digging Whirly.

AC said...

based on the concept i would never have guessed it's french! sounds like a good change of pace for you.