Thursday, October 14, 2010


(1955) *****

I'm getting terribly behind in reviews, so here goes my half-assed attempt to post on my iphone while exercising at the gym. I hope it's not riddled with spelling errors.

Plot: A woman conspires with her husband's mistress to murder him. As Landshark also mentioned in his review, I'm going to leave the summary at that to avoid spoilers.

This film was fantastic! Superbly crafted and well acted. Lucky for me, the remake, which I had viewed years ago, was far gone from my mind, allowing me to enjoy the story freshly revealed before my eyes.


Landshark said...

Nice! Loved this flick.

50PageMcGee said...

not to be confused with Diabolik.

JPX said...

I watched this last XMAS based on Landshark's review and I loved it!

Catfreeek said...

I love this film as well, nice choice.

Whirlygirl said...

I can't watch all French porn. A few respectable ones is needed now and then.

Octopunk said...

This movie is great! I like how they refer to the husband as The Head (of the school). "That's the head of The Head!" (That's not a spoiler, it's not a severed head but rather something in the back of a photo.)

I saw this one night in college when one of the campus film societies were supposed to run something else but the print was screwed up. They had three other movies on hand and let the audience noise decide. I was clapping for the Adam West Batman movie in which he runs around with the big black ball bomb, but this was the winner.

I'd never heard of it before and I loved it. But I always think of it as the mean movie that killed Batman.

DCD said...

That scene with Adam West and the big black bomb IS hysterical. I'm not sure if I've seen this. I feel like I have but will put it on my list anyway.

Even your short reviews are great, Whirly. (Although I'm a little annoyed at you posting a review while at the gym. Way to make the rest of us look bad.)