Sunday, October 10, 2010


(2010) **1/2

I'll skip the synopsis since JPX already reviewed this. I'll jump right into my likes and dislikes. The situation is a nightmare for me personally. Not only do I hate the cold but I'm afraid of heights. Therefore the set up was ideal to have the bejebus scared out of me. Like with “Thirst” my problem was that I just wasn't convinced of the direness of their situation. First of all, I don't remember any of them having a fit of shivering. You'd be damn cold after spending some time motionless on that metal lift chair in nothing more than a regular ski suit. No one had one of those Handsome Stan sub-zero super suits.

Then the storm rolls in with whipping snow and wind, why didn't they protect their faces better? They had scarves yet bared the wind with exposed faces. Dammit I should have been sitting at home feeling cold just watching it. Nope, still warm and cozy here.

This guy gave a 5 minute eye rolling heartfelt speech that totally seemed inappropriate to me at the time. It just added to the lack of authenticity for me.

I actually felt really bad for this poor bastard. Obviously no one ever told him if you jump from a big height try to land on your butt cause your legs won't withstand the impact. It gets much worse for him as well. He's really the whole reason I didn't write this off as crap, I truly felt sorry for the guy.

No one invited me to the party

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad flick but it really could have been a lot more convincing. When I watched “Open Water” I felt anxious and uncomfortable the whole time. I just wanted some boat to come along and pick these poor people up. It was horrible. I can't say I felt the same here.


Whirlygirl said...

I agree, if you don't feel anxious that they could freeze to death then what's the point.

JPX said...

Cat, I'm loving your reviews but a few times you give away potential spoilers with the pictures you choose (cough cough, broken leg). Please be careful so as to preserve the element of surprise. Scolding over =)

Catfreeek said...

I knew you'd scold me for that one but I figured it happened early on enough and it was it really was my one major sympathy factor in the film. Sorry :(

50PageMcGee said...

just watched this today with my mom -- this'll be my next review. it's too bad about the spoiler danger. a lot of the best shots in this movie come after a bunch of big don't-spoil-this moments happen.

Octopunk said...

There's a pov shot in the trailer of the guy jumping, so while I didn't know I also kinda did.

Besides, I want reasons to not care about these doofs. (There was a big discussion about this on one of the trailer posts so I won't go on and on.)