Saturday, October 02, 2010


(1970) ***

Originally titled “Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly”, this bizarre British film left me furrowing my brow from beginning to end. Sonny & Girly are brother and sister. They roam around the park looking for new friends. These “new friends” are usually vagrants that live in the park. In other words, people that won't be missed. Once they have located a possible candidate Girly uses her sex appeal to lure them back home to meet Mumsy and Nanny. The twisted foursome force the new friends to play games with them like ring around the rosy and leap frog, feigning that they are one big happy family. If the new friend doesn't play or gets too outspoken they send them to the angels.

Nanny sleeps at the foot of Mumsy's bed

While Girly sleeps in an oversized crib

Second film in and already I'm finding a strange one. This flick has Johnny Sweatpants written all over it. Obscure and full of crazy, happy people who just happen to do bad things. Girly is the main focus of the family but if you ask me Sonny is really the one to watch here. He runs around with a movie camera filming their victims demise so the family can sit together and watch the home movies. He also seems to be the only male with no sexual interest in Girly. I realize he is her brother but honestly, she doesn't seem to mind. Mumsy rules the house, literally. The house is all about the rules, break the rules and you pay the price. The interesting thing about this film is that all the characters are pretty much likeable. Their lighthearted demeanor makes their bad behavior almost seem okay. I couldn't even feel that bad for their victims, since lusting after a young girl in a school uniform is what drew them their in the first place.

Time to play Humpty Dumpty

I have a real appreciation for dry British humor. Girly hits the nail on the head for me. Not the best I've seen but certainly enjoyable.


DCD said...

She seems a little old for that particular school-girl uniform.

What an odd find!

JPX said...

Terrific review and nice, weird find! I find it amusing that the main character uses her "sex appeal" to draw in potential victims - she seems a bit long in the tooth.

Octopunk said...

Wait, really? I think you're confusing Mumsy and Girly. Girly's sexy, but DCD's right about that uniform. Also, it's a lame uniform. Who'd think of an unsexy schoolgirl uniform? Oh, right, the British.

I seem to recall quite a few "crazy family with a corpse collection" movies cropping up on this blog in the past few years. Not new movies, either. I don't know if there's a remarkable amount of them or if it just feels weird because I haven't seen any of them.

Love the new avatar, JPX. DCD, I looked at yours large sized and it freaked me out.

DCD said...

Well that's what it's for, right?

Whirlygirl said...

Interesting find, Cat!

Holy crap, DCD, I thought that your avatar was just a Barbie...way creepy!