Friday, September 23, 2011

Countdown to Horrorthon Contest! 8 days to go: Recommendations

Only two days in and the list of respondants is growing like that hunk of monster I've got in that nutrient tank downstairs. Congrats to The Mr., Abduscius and AC for joining the throwdown! Kudos also to our first-rounders who came back for more.

Today's contest is something I've actually thought about during September in previous years. We spend all of Horrorthon either recommening or de-recommending movies, but for me there's always the particular few that I really want others to seek out. Take a look at your own lists on the Horrorthon Score blog (and not just last year's), and pick one to five flicks you would really like to see reviewed by some of your colleagues. It doesn't have to be a movie that's been viewed only by you, but on the other hand choosing Trick r' Treat or The Orphanage would be silly.

And happy Friday, folks! This time next week we'll be mere hours from the fun. Say it with me now!

Horrorthon, WOO!


Octopunk said...

Here we go here we go...

Dagon - barring Re-Animator, this is my favorite movie based on H.P. Lovecraft's work. If it were up to me, all Mad Hillbilly movies would be Mad Hillbilly/Fish People movies

Galaxy of Terror - In it's way, this is a total hidden gem. Maybe more like a hidden shiny rock. Great so-bad-it's-good fun.

Dog Soldiers - I know a lot of you have already seen this, but really everyone should. Best werewolf movie ever, period.

The Fourth Man - Nutty, stylish, forboding, hallucinatory stuff from Paul "Robocop" Verhoeven

The Reflecting Skin - this one's extremely hard to find (says the guy who doesn't ever find movies online). Utterly rewarding if you can track it down.

DCD said...

Jesus, I can't believe I missed the "Post Something" contest. Lame.

A lot of the movies that I have seen over the past couple of years have also been seen by many on the blog. Looking back, the couple that I would recommend are:

Let's Scare Jessica to Death - Now, I had history with this movie because I saw it when I was a kid. But it still scared me as an adult and I'd like to hear what other people think. Does it stand the test of time? Is it the hidden gem I think it is?

And - even though I know most on the blog have seen it - I still give Paranormal Activity a recommendation. That movie stayed with me for days afterward and I think that really says something. I'm definitely watching #2 this Thon.

Octopunk said...

All Countdown to Horrorthon contests are open until the end of the month!

DCD said...

Oh, sweet!

AC said...

horrorthon woowoo!

and the only movie i'd love to see reviewed by others is (of course) a "so bad it's good" recommendation:


gobble gobble, motherfuckers. just dont watch it alone, because you need someone else to stare at in disbelief during, and process with in disbelief afterward.

JPX said...

Burning Bright (2010) This was my favorite horror movie discovery last year; it’s the ultimate predicament, which you know I like! The film asks, what would you do if you were trapped in a house with a ferocious tiger roaming around while a deadly hurricane rages on outside? It’s a ridiculous premise but it pays off in spades. See it!

Human Centipede [The First Sequence] With part 2 coming out in October there is no better time to watch this deranged mad scientist caper. Most of you have at least heard of this film but for those who haven’t the plot is quite simple; a mad scientist kidnaps 3 people and surgically attaches them together lips to anus. It’s not nearly as gory as you might expect and I promise that you will be unable to look away.

Hard Candy (2005) Terrifically tense! In the taught, edgy Hard Candy, a pedophile meets 14-year old girl in a diner following 3 weeks of online flirtations. After luring her to his spacious home the tables are turned and he finds himself playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2007) If you need a good J-Horror fix look no further than The Slit-Mouthed Woman. When children start disappearing in a small town there are rumors that a slit-mouthed ghost is responsible. Two teachers join together in a mission to solve this mystery. What makes this ghost tale unique is that the ghost is insane.

Race With The Devil (1975) Peter Fonda purchases a huge camper and takes his wife and another married couple on a road trip out of Dallas. After taking an off-road (won’t people ever learn?) they stumble across a satanic cult and find themselves in the fight of their lives as they try to get the hell out of there.

Honorable Mention

House of the Devil (2009) I’m pretty sure everyone watched this one but this is one of my favorite films in years. The film follows a babysitter taking a job that is too good to refuse. Slowly she realizes that there is more to the job than meets the eye. It’s a love letter to 80s horror and the director painstakingly recreates the vibe of early 80s horror, even shooting in 16mm to achieve the proper “look”. The end result is so effective that I’m convinced House of the Devil is simply a movie I missed back in the day.

Catfreeek said...

Babysitter Wanted- It starts out a whole lot like the house of the devil, then it takes a turn. Gore galore, good stuff.

Blood Tea & String- This is a stop action animation gem. Do yourself a favor, watch it.

Executive Koala- Please, someone else watch it. Please!!!! (I could say the same about Buttcrack & Monsturd as well)

The Horde- Bloody ultra-violent French zombie horror, need I say more? (I watched this post Horrorthon so it is yet to be reviewed)

Fausto 5.0- This flick is plot heavy and very interesting. I've been wishing someone would watch it for quite some time now.

Man Bites Dog- Yes I'm aware I've listed more than 5 films here, but my lists are long and there are some really good ones. I'll stop with this one though, it's a delightful romp in the life of an insane serial murderer.

DCD said...

This was such a good idea! I hadn't even started my list for this year and now I have a whole bunch. Yay!

Trevor (Tami's friend) said...

The Hills Run Red - a straight to dvd flick from 2009, this was one of my favorites that year. As I recall there was one other review, but that was it. A very entertaining crazy freaky killer in the woods flick, but with a refreshing take on the killer

The Frighteners - My review on this was overshadowed by some ill comments I made about Lord of the Rings, which I then took a lot of crap for. However, this early Peter Jackson film with Michael J. Fox is a pretty successful blend of horror and comedy that doesn't turn campy, but has the horror & comedy well segmented.

JPX said...

Trevor, don't sweat it, I'm not a huge fan of the Rings films either. I've seen them each one time and never have any desire to ever watch them again. I agree that the Hills Run Red was a nifty find.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

1) The Sadist (1963) - JPX and I were both taken off guard by how brutal and vicious this movie is for 1963. Arch Hall Jr. (whom I just now finally connected to the abysmal Eegah) plays one of the greatest psychos ever.

2) Race With the Devil - I second JPX's endorsement. I absolutely love every little thing about this movie.

3) Zombi - I can't believe no one (not even myself) has yet reviewed this movie. Originally titled Zombie 2 to cash in on Dawn of the Dead's success, it's my favorite Fulci flick and one of my top 5 zombie flicks.

4) Homebodies - I know JPX & Catfreeek have seen it but I wish everyone in the world would give it a chance. It's dark, hilarious and touching.

5) Neon Maniacs - The Village People of zombie movies.

I also have to mention Piranha 3D - Aside from JPX's review this film was largely ignored on the blog which is a shame because it's one of the best of its kind.

JPX said...

I agree with you, Piranha 3D was a terrific send-up of all those 80s anima-run-amok films but with a lot more carnage.

I can't believe I forgot about The Sadist! What a vicious film for the 60s.

AC said...

argh, johnny, i'm sure you didn't mean this to happen, but as a side effect of your comment i now feel compelled to watch eegah this october. :(

Abduscias said...

I'm not sure if this was reviewed, but so far, my fav movie this year is Session 9. Very realistic, very possible if put in this scenario. I love the setting,I wish to hell they didn't tare down Danvers. :(
Oh, I do like The House of the Devil alot, but realized that more than 50% of the movie is her walking around..

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Haha AC, did you read your own comment about not being able to watch Eegah even with the assistance of the Mystery Science Theater robots? Now you must watch it.

AC said...

curses, johnny sweatpants!!! :)

of course you are correct, i do have to watch it, and it is in the queue. mr. ac says he'll "try" to watch it as well, though i predict bailage on his part. i will endeavor to stick it out to the bitter end.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Wait a second, wasn't this supposed to be about good recommendations?

Nevertheless AC, you're now horrorthonally* bound to review Eegah!

*yes, it's now an adverb.

Octopunk said...

Cal, that story is hilarious.

DCD said...

Piranha is on my list for this year!

Catfreeek said...

Tony & I liked Piranha 3D as well, we watched post-thon so no review, sorry.

AC, I just watched the MST3K Eegah a couple of months ago, so it's fresh in my mind. That makes your banter with JSP even funnier.

AC said...

catfreeek, do tell, how was it?

50PageMcGee said...

1) Dog Soldiers - ditto octo's sentiments. outstanding horror/action. like Predator with a better script.

2) Severance - it's near the top of my queue this year. one of the two funniest i saw last year along with

3) Black Sheep - best movie about killer sheep ever!

4) The Shining - Jordan, please?

5) Jaws 2 - great movie that everybody forgot about. should be seen on its own, out from the shadow of the original.

Catfreeek said...

AC, as far as I'm concerned, it's a prime example of so bad it's good. Of course the MST3K robots sealed the deal for me though.

AC said...

catfreek, thanks, that's encouraging!

octo and fitty, just added dog soldiers to the queue.