Friday, March 31, 2006

Alien Autopsy trailer!

From Iwatchstuff, "I normally don't approve of alien autopsies. It's my firm belief that we shouldn't concern ourselves with the cause of death of an alien, only that they are actually dead, and not just waiting to jump up and scare us. However, I'm willing to make an exception after seeing the trailer for Alien Autopsy, which takes a new spin on the idea, and honestly looks pretty funny. The film tells the comedic story of the two friends that invented and executed the fake alien autopsy footage that became a media sensation and a television special on Fox in 1995. You may remember it best by its host: one Mr. Jonathan Frakes. That's right, I'm talking Riker, mo-fo's.

After this, someone should make a movie about how they made the Paris Hilton sex tape, because I'd like to see how that all went down, too. Though I imagine it would probably just be a twenty-minute short where she's bought four shots and told she doesn't look that much like a bird."

See trailer here:


Octopunk said...

My favorite episode of X-files is the one where Scully's doing an alien autopsy and the first thing she finds is the zipper on the costume.

It's a great ep in which the govt. cover-up involves guys disguised as aliens who are unexpectedly abducted by REAL aliens. The teaser is a regular abductee waking up and seeing a Grey in the next cage over, smoking a cigarette and saying "this isn't happening, this isn't happening" in English.

JPX said...

I remember watching the Frakes one and yelling at the TV screen. I was annoyed at Number 1 for narrating it and lending credible weight to this obviously fake film.

Okay, he wasn't that credible, but he was bearded and that's something.