Thursday, March 30, 2006

Any takers?

I received this email today,

"BenBella Books, a leading publisher of smart books on popular culture, has recently launched its "Psychology of" series with The Psychology of the Simpsons. In this series psychologists discuss movies, television shows and book series through the lens of psychology, with the goal of both educating the reader on psychological principals and providing insights into popular entertainment using psychological tools. The essays are written for a smart but lay audience at the level of an introduction to psychology course.

The Simpsons volume, which included essays by a wide variety of respected psychologists including Paul Bloom, Frank Keil, Nelson Cowan and Denis McCarthy, has been well-received, and we look forward to growing this series.

This e-mail is to inquire into your interest in participating in future volumes (assuming we choose a television series/film/book series you have an interest in). I’d also appreciate referrals to other psychologists who you feel might have an aptitude for and interest in this sort of project.

We are currently working on two upcoming books in this series, one on the book series Harry Potter and the other on the television series Survivor. If either of these interests you, or if you are interested in contributing to some future volume, I’d welcome hearing from you."


Octopunk said...

C'mon, JPX, you gotta get in on this! Convince them to do a Star Trek book. For research, you can have transcripts of all the emails between me and Jordan about the shape of the saucer section on various Enterprises. It'll sell like hotcakes.

Octopunk said...

What's so great about hotcakes anyhow? Why is that the standard?

JPX said...

I could actually use those exchanges between the two of you as an example of obsessive behavior, or would it be delusional? I guess the differential diagnosis would be nerdy!

Octopunk said...


I'm not even sure what I'm reacting to, but Hey!