Thursday, March 30, 2006

But at least we have 8 seasons of Home Improvement on DVD

Darkhorizons reports, "Arrested Development," the critically praised but low-rated Fox show that won numerous Emmys will not be resurrected on Showtime as rumors circulating for months have suggested reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

A source close to the negotiations said that creator Mitch Hurwitz had decided after a lengthy period of debating an offer from Showtime that "Arrested Development reached its end, creatively, as a series." The Showtime offer was reportedly for two 12-episode seasons, with the entire cast coming back. Though the deal was on the table for some time, Hurwitz sounded out cast members about whether it made sense for the show to continue.

Hurwitz ended up putting an inordinate amount of time into the series, and no doubt that workload played a part in his decision to pass on the Showtime offer. Star Jason Bateman said he had mixed emotions about the news, saying he was sad for the series to end but happy that the beloved series will live on DVD for people to enjoy.

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Octopunk said...

That's too bad, but I missed all of season 3 anyway... and frankly I'm kind of tired of hearing about it.

Look at smirky Jason Bateman though! Isn't Michael Bluth just ridiculously appealing? I love that he's the moral and functional center of the family when half the problems he contends with spring from misguided moves on his part.