Friday, March 31, 2006

Fat boy sees Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER trailer

From Aintitcoolnews, "Hey folks, Harry here... Yesterday I got given an advance look at Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER trailer. Now first of all, yes, I'm fully aware of how "inappropriate" most of you feel the marrying of OLIVER STONE to the subject matter of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center could be. However, from the trailer - and from the screenplay - I can say, with absolute certainty - that this isn't the film that conservative muckrakers would expect from Ollie.
This trailer is about 3-4 weeks away from appearing for the rest of the world to judge. In fact - most of the digital effects are yet to be included. Not that there are many to be added in. This trailer isn't about showing you the planes colliding with the towers - instead it's about the shadows those planes cast on to the streets below. It's about the tremor upon impact that those in the building felt and the "what was that" looks on the faces of those in the building. Moreso, the trailer is about setting up the Port Authority Police Sarge, played by Nicholas Cage. It's Cage in his rattled nervous best. However, the trailer is really cut to be as "sympathetic" as possible, to give it a "story of hope" feeling. Having said that - this is a true story, based on a pair of Port Authority officers that did get caught in the rubble and apparently did make it out. And those officers apparently were on set everyday giving their recollections of the events.
Nothing in the trailer screamed Oliver Stone. There was no film stock changes or over saturated or desaturated images. It's a very handsomely shot film - in terms of texture to the images - it kinda came across like WALL STREET in the lighting package, but obviously a very different story. Stone's going to draw a lot of fire from those that just believe he's an insane liberal loon, but from the look of the trailer, he's trying to make a film that takes the focus of that horrific day's memory, and place it firmly where it belongs... on those that dove in and tried to save as many people as possible, and somehow made it out alive. That wasn't a conservative or liberal act - it was a purely human and heroic act, and that's what this film seems to be about. At least from the trailer."


Octopunk said...

I'm feeling the same aversion to seeing Trade Center movies as I had to seeing The Day After when I was a kid.

Except in addition to the generalized fear, I have this weird perspective on the day that is hard to drum up sympathy for because it was a suck day for everyone. The fact is, I was so heartbroken that I wasn't in NYC when it happened. Survivor's guilt, I guess -- and I had just left. It's like if I were at a party and after I left something awful happened to one of my friends. This movie would be like watching a videotape of that party.

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