Friday, March 31, 2006

Picard, er, Charles talks about more X-Men films

Star Trek The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart was a guest today on the british Richard & Judy show.

Before the interview, they showed the X-Men The Last Stand trailer and Stewart said that he hasnt seen the trailer before and this was the premiere of it on british Tv.

When asked about the title The Last Stand, Stewart said that it is just a tease. It is all about money at the end of the day and if this does well there is a possible X4.

He talked about his scene with Ian McKellan where they appear "significantly younger"

He also talked about the Wolverine and Magneto "prequels", the latter of which Ian and himself will probably not be in.

They talked about the first time Kelsey Grammer walked on set in full make up as Beast and even though they are so used to that kind of thing now, it was completely unnerving. He looks completely real, he is this big blue monster with the voice of Frasier.

They then laughed about his appeareance on Frasier where he was a gay theatre director who was lusting after frasier, he said "what's not to lust after Kelsey Grammer"


Octopunk said...

Gee, I don't think I'd find Kelsey Grammer all that irresistable, but then again I've never met him.

JPX said...

He's dreamy.