Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boogeyman 2

(2008) *
Laura and her brother Henry had a nice little life growing up with their parents, until one day the Boogeyman came to kill mom & dad. Flash forward ten years to when Henry is finally getting out of his posh mental institution for pretty white teens when he is finally cured. Unfortunately, Laura just begins to have troubles, and checks in to the same mental hospital.
Each of the pretty white teens has different fears - fear of the outside world, germs, getting fat, and the desire to cur oneself - which isn't really a fear I don't think, but it'll make for a good death scene. The Boogeyman shows up, and begins to off each teen in what they would probably see as their fears coming true - in a fatal way!

Alright, so this movie gets one star for the cool Boogeyman outfit and the inventive ways that the kids die. Otherwise I HATED it, because it hits on one of my pet peeves - scary movies that purport to have a supernatural essence, that in the end just ends up being something else. So many movies have done this! I don't want to mention any, because that would spoil the ending. Usually, these movies pretend to have a "surprise ending" when in reality, there was no ghost/demon/whatever all along - it was just some schmuck in a mask. Bleah. I hate that. I could go off on a number of movies here, but let me channel my rage towards Boogeyman 2:
1. The whole "there was no scary guy after all" thing REALLY doesn't work here, because we already learned from the first movie that yes, the Boogeyman does indeed exist.
2. At the start of the film, the kids parents are killed by the real Boogeyman. So, there's already precedent that they could have gone the supernatural route here instead of psychotic killer. Why did they puss out?
3. The Boogeyman in this one does way too many things to be a real person. There is no suspension of disbelief large enough to cover all of the things that this mortal being does. If the boogeyman was real, the movie would make more sense.
In conclusion, Boogeyman 3 comes out on dvd next year - let's hope they revert to using the actual Boogeyman in a movie called Boogeyman!!!

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Jeff said...

I feel your pain. The first one wasn't very good and in horror there's always the law of diminishing returns with sequels. Have fun with part 3 next year!