Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheerleader Camp


Numerous high school cheerleaders gather at Camp Hurrah where they are competing for the all-state finals. While the teens squabble, cheer, show lots of boobs, and rap (uh huh, there's some rapping), it’s not too long before they start dying. There’s a killer on the loose and in the grand tradition of all 1980s slasher films he/she must be stopped before everyone perishes. That’s it.

I'm the grizzled old man character that is in every 1980s horror film. My job is to cryptically warn everyone about danger.

Wow, this is the second time I came across Leif Garrett in some bad (really bad) horror. Cheerleader Camp is yet another film that I only knew from the distinctive poster. The low budget is obvious from the opening scene when the cheerleaders begin arriving. Although this is purported to be a huge competition there is only one person running the entire thing, one person! Also, there are only like two or three cheerleader squads at the competition and the little we see of their routines are pathetic – no Bring it On here! Perhaps who-dun-its have become more sophisticated, or perhaps I’ve just gotten smarter over the years (definitely the former), but I’m finding it very easy to pick out the killer in these old 80s flicks. Normally I’m terrible at this stuff but I identified the killer almost before the opening credits stopped rolling. This is an awful film with a marginally cool poster.

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Whirlygirl said...

Of course you would watch a movie called "Cheerleader Camp."