Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fair Haired Child

Masters of Horror: William Malone

(2006) ***½

Tara is abducted by a crazed couple. They intend to use her in some satanic ritual that will bring their son back to life. They throw her into a basement where the stairs are broken and there is no way out.

There she find Johnny hanging but not quite dead. She cuts him down but he is unable to speak so he communicates with her by writing in the dirt. As they desperately look for a way out they find a bathroom soaked in blood. Inside the room are several school type backpacks just like Tara's. Johnny warns her that He is coming. Johnny begins to get cold and Tara comforts him. They find a book that has Satanic rituals in it and Tara starts to understand she is meant to be a sacrifice. Again Johnny warns her, He is coming.
But this time, he's here.

I liked this MOH episode. They didn't try to make it silly and it didn't seem like a 2 hour story was crammed into 1 hour. It was successfully suspenseful as well. Not bad at all.


JPX said...

Cool, nice review. This is one of the few MOH episodes I have yet to check out, I'm glad it's a good one. At some point I want to compile all the reviews for this series in one place.

Landshark said...

Nice review--sounds worth checking out.

Which reminds me: Where do you guys get these MOH flicks? Netflix? Are they part of a box set you all have? Online viewing?

Some of them have sounded pretty good, and I could use some stat padding!

JPX said...

You can get them individually via Netflix and you can also purchase the complete season sets. They're a lot of fun.

Octopunk said...

Wow, "He" looks pretty damn creepy.

Perhaps I should check out some more MOH's. I was underwhelmed by Imprint and Dreams of the Witch House.