Monday, October 20, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust

(1980) ***½

An anthropologist and his guides head out into the Amazonian jungles to try and find out what happened to a group of documentary film makers that went missing. He discovers a tribe of cannibals and gains their trust recovering the film canisters from the documentary team.

In viewing the films it becomes a question of who the real savages are as the anthropologist uncovers the ghastly behavior of the documentary team.

The brutality in this film is mind blowing. I knew about the movie but up until now had never seen it. If JSP had told me that the animal killing scenes were real I wouldn't have watched it. The brutal slaying of a turtle made me sick to my stomach. Yes, they eat the turtle after killing it but man, it didn't make me feel any better. The poor thing kept kicking after it had been beheaded and the shell had been torn open exposing it's guts. Seriously, heed my warning. This film is not for the weak. Totally sick.


AC said...

it's safe to say that a film that makes the valiant and impervious catfreeek sick is one movie i can not be permitted to watch (the picture of the spiked woman may also have been a sufficient hint).

Octopunk said...

This movie is like Bloodsucking Freaks, typifying an attitude of debauchery in 70's B-movies that always feels like Too Much. (I'm counting 1980 as the 70's here.)

Cannibal Holocaust is worse, though. At least Freaks is trying to be funny, but this comes from a place of such utter moral bankruptcy it's truly sickening to watch. Did I watch it? Yes. But it overplays its hand.

JPX said...

I still maintain that The Blair Witch Project completely ripped off the central plot of this film (i.e., some film is discovered and we learn what happened to the missing people by watching the film).

Johnny Sweatpants said...

AC there was a lot of controversy about that woman on the spike being a real body. As I recall the actress actually had to hold a press conference to prove her aliveness.

Yes, this is a sick, deeply disturbing movie that I could never watch again. It pretty much makes you lose your faith in humanity. Good thing we have Catfreeek to take it on! She'll watch anything!

And Blair Witch did indeed rip the hell out of it.

Catfreeek said...

That's really funny JPX & JSP cause while we were watching it I said to Tony, "Blair Witch ripped their plot from this movie"

JSP shame on you for not warning me about the turtle scene and yeah, I prolly would have watched it anyway.