Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Final Terror


A group of forest rangers and their annoying girlfriends travel into the backwoods for a weekend of hedonism (why else would you go there?). After one of the rangers becomes belligerent and takes off the group finds themselves battling against a killer disguised to blend in with the forest surroundings. Following a series of unfortunate events including an attack on their bus rendering it incapable of being driven (best scene in the film), a kidnapping/hostage situation, and a very serious injury, the remaining friends must figure out a way to turn the tables on the menace disguised in branches and leaves.

You know it's a bad movie when the only available photos are pictures of the DVD case

Boasting a better than usual cast for the genre including Daryl Hannah, Joe Pantoliano, and Rachel Ward, The final Terror nonetheless is a fairly lame slasher with lackluster murders and long pauses between the action. In fact, you can skip the entire middle third of the film where nothing much interesting happens at all save a campfire urban legend story crowbarred in to give the viewing audience a hint at who the real killer might be. The constant bickering between the characters, an apparent mainstay of 80s slasher films, becomes irritating to the point where you will shout, “Will you all just shut the fuck up!” like I did. The final Terror is low rent Deliverance.


miko564 said...

Weird, so this was a film where Pantoliano and Hannah were on their way up as Ward was on her down? Sounds lame.

Octopunk said...

Is there one of those swinging logs with spikes in this movie? I think I saw part of it once. The part with the swinging log with spikes.

JPX said...

You're absolutely correct!