Monday, October 20, 2008

Drive-in Massacre

(1976) Zero stars

In Nowheresville, Texas a serial killer is stabbing and beheading people with a giant sword as they watch some crappy western at a local drive-in. Two unappealing detectives are brought in on the case to get to the bottom of things. Yep, that’s about it.

Hi, we're two unappealing detectives interrogating some obvious red herrings"

Yeah this one is really bad. I’m going to do something I rarely do, which is to spoil the movie. I don’t believe any of you will ever watch this “film” so I thought I’d share my outrage at the ending. The film essentially follows the following pattern; (a) young couple watches crappy western at the drive-in; (b) young couple is murdered by someone wielding a giant sword; (c) two unappealing detectives interrogate an obvious red herring for like 10 hours; (d) go back to (a). Is it the peeping Tom? Nope. Is it the owner of the drive-in? Nope. Is it the guy that used to handle knives at the local carnival? Nope. Is it the guy who kidnapped his daughter after escaping from an asylum? Nope. Who is the killer? Let me know if you find out because this film ends without a conclusion. As the credits role a narrator basically says that the killer is still on the loose at drive-ins around the country and blah blah blah. It’s almost as if the director said, “You know what, it’s enough already and I want to go home.”


AC said...

jpx, you know my occasional ventures into "so bad it's bad" territory... this one sounds like i actually may need to view it someday.

i honestly don't know why i'm interested in finding the worst movie ever made; usually i prefer good movies!

JPX said...

No, don't do it, it's awful!

Octopunk said...

Beyond the Wall of Sleep is a good candidate. Bear in mind I am NOT recommending you see it. It hurts.