Monday, October 20, 2008

Mangiati vivi! (Eaten Alive!)


Sheila is worried about her sister Dianna, who has ceased communication with her family after traveling to the jungles of New Guinea to join a cult run by a man named Jonas. Shelia hires an action hero named Mark to take her into the dangerous jungles in an effort to rescue her sister from the powerful cult leader. Jonas has conveniently located his commune in an area well-known for cannibalism so rescuing Dianna is not going to be easy. As the duo makes their way to Jonas’ heavily guarded compound they face seemingly endless dangers from deadly animals to even deadlier cannibals. Their troubles only worsen once they find Dianna and attempt to rescue her from Jonas and make their way back to their boat before being, yep, eaten alive!

The reality is that most of you will never watch this film, which is replete with animals begin killed (for real), numerous rapes, incredible violence, and convincing cannibalism. Although this is not my cup of tea, it’s an effective film for the genre and delivers the goods. A little research has suggested that this is the second best cannibal film after Cannibal Holocaust. I can appreciate it from a horror movie persepctive – this is true horror, but I’ll never watch it again. I think I’ve had my fill of the cannibal genre.

Oh, by the way, there’s also a lot of this,


50PageMcGee said...

okay, when did this become Boobathon? because i've got a porno-parody of the Addams Family (called the Maddams Family) which is like, festooned with breasts.

Octopunk said...

When was Horrorthon not Boobathon? I give you a quote from one of Johnny Sweatpants's reviews from 2003 (the first year there were reviews):

"Sisters (1973) *** 1/2 This is apparently the movie that put Brian DePalma on the map and it answers the age old question: What does Lois Lane look like naked?"

(I have a battered printout of these reviews that JPX gave me at some point).