Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blood: The Last Vampire

(2009) ***

Saya is a vampire commissioned to execute demons. She's pretty awesome at her job too. Slicing and dicing away with a samurai sword making demon sushi. She is sent on a mission to a military base school to sniff out a couple of demons posing as students. When said demonic students start messing with Alice, a human girl, Saya comes to her rescue. Alice ends up in it up to her eyeballs when a particularly nasty winged demon captures her. Saya must get to the bottom of things, rescue the girl and kill the demon master.

Claymation Dude

Man in suit

As a fan of the anime feature I was a little leery about watching this live action rendition. I must say that overall I was pretty impressed. Holding true to the anime there was no shortage of blood and fx. The opening scene has Saya slicing a demon in two. The demons just look like ordinary people but when they get riled their eyes light up and and faces get snarly. The uber-winged demon beastie guy that flies off with Alice is a compilation of several demons. He doesn't look human, he looks like claymation. This dude is the whole reason I cannot give a higher rating. If this had been made in the '90's or even early 2000 I might have forgiven the shitty cgi but not 2009. It looked like one of those cheesy SyFy channel creatures. His presence changed the whole air of the film bringing it down a few notches. Up close he was not so bad, they should have just stuck with the guy in the suit. I still stand by this as a good watch. Saya is a kick ass vampire samurai chick and the entire film is action packed. Just try to ignore the claymation dude. Maybe go get some popcorn or hit the bathroom when he's on.


DCD said...

I'm all for kick-ass vampire samurai chicks. Bummer about the lame CGI, still, it sounds fun!

Octopunk said...

That sounds like such a drag for the story they probably should have done him in actual stop-motion instead of crappy cgi. I've seen posters for this and dug the look (Japanese schoolgirl with big sword, what's not to like?)