Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloody Birthday

(1981) ***1/2

During a solar eclipse 3 children are born simultaneously in the same town. Unfortunately the sun and moon were blocking Saturn which caused the kids to be born emotionless. Ten years later the kids appear to be normal but the trio share a deadly secret. They kill ruthlessly at will. They have their sights set on one particular boy, invite him to play in the junk yard then entrap him in an old refrigerator. When the boy escapes and tells his sister the two are in for trouble. The three little hellions will stop at nothing to keep their secret.

Although I'm quite sure I saw this at some point it was only vaguely familiar to me. These kids really earn their place in the list of creepy kids. They know how to use cute and friendly to their full advantage. In fact they are ruthless and cruel. This actually doesn't make sense. If they are supposed to be emotionless then why are they so angry and aggressive. Guess they didn't think about that in the '80's. These kids are as bad as it gets. I really liked this film though, it's the feigned innocence that really grabbed me. No one suspects these sweet children would do anything wrong. Even the boy's sister doesn't believe him after he narrowly escaped death by old refrigerator. She accuses him of lying. I felt bad for him considering the terror he must have felt. Still, it was the '80's so he just shook it off. The film is a little campy but it's fun.


JPX said...

This sounds like a hoot! Is this a made-for-TV movie?

"Unfortunately the sun and moon were blocking Saturn which caused the kids to be born emotionless."

Ah, so that's how you create sociopaths, mystery solved!

Catfreeek said...

All this time, if you had only known, lol.

I don't think it was made for tv only because it didn't have any of those fade in, fade out spots where the commercials would have gone.

Anonymous said...

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Octopunk said...

Well thanks, friend! Especially for not being a spam bot, as such messages usually turn out to be.

Are the simultaneous births caused by the weird celestial bizness, or is one big horrible coincidence?

Anyway, another great entry in this theme. Who knew there were so many evil kid movies? Is The Bad Seed coming too?

DCD said...

Ha! I love the "reasoning" behind the three psychopaths. JPX and AC will be able to revolutionize their field!

Catfreeek said...

I love The Bad Seed but I was specifically trying to find films I either hadn't seen/heard of and films I hadn't seen in over a decade. I just watched The Bad Seed a few months ago.

Octo, more non-anime animated horror will be coming your way soon. I dug up some real interesting stuff.

50PageMcGee said...

i'm starting to think someone could do a subgenre theme of "movies in which a crapload of kids are all born at the exact same moment, and then 15 years later, all kinds of bad shit happens."

Landshark said...

Huh, it's also the (non-horror) premise of Rushdie's masterpiece, Midnight's Children.