Monday, October 11, 2010

The Graves

(2009) **1/2

Still chugging through those 8 After Dark Horrorfest films and still under impressed. This film takes us on a road trip with 2 sisters. They want to check out an old town thinking it will be cool until they find out the town folk have an ulterior motive. They send tourists to be slaughtered in sacrifice to their warped God. The sacrifices don't involve any traditional rituals or tying up of virgins. Just a big ass dude and his pig snout wearing brother killing everyone Jason Voorhees style. The sisters are tougher than they look so they won't go down easy.

I actually liked most of this movie but it kind of fell apart for me near the end. Sort of a fizzlework that wasn't a total disappointment because it did make that loud whistly sound at the end.

The best part of the film was the appearance of Tony Todd aka Candyman Daniel Robitaille. He plays a psycho priest. I love this guy, his presence alone is so ominous. Still, not enough for me to feel any more than, meh when all was said and done.


JPX said...

Yeah, what is it about these After Dark films that simply fail to deliver? A few years ago I watched all the films from that year's series and I don't recall every stumbling across anything memorable. I'm happy you're tackling them this year - you're only confirming my initial impression. I too love the Candyman guy, why doesn't he do more? Nice summary.

Octopunk said...

For a moment I thought his was a religion I could get behind, but only if the wearing of pig snouts is voluntary.

Those sisters are hot.