Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ghost of Mae Nak

(2005) ***½

Mak & Nak are deeply in love and getting married. Mak is having disturbing dreams of a ghost woman with shiny black teeth and a hole in her forehead. She is the ghost of Mae Nak, a Thai legend. Shortly after the wedding the couple purchase and move into their first house, a very old traditional home in need of a lot of work. The house is broken in to and the robbers steal all of their wedding gifts including a very special amulet that Mak purchased for Nak.

Mak sees the theives selling their wedding gifts on the street and chases after them. He is hit by the robbers as they drive away and left lying unconscious in the street. Nak finds Mak in the hospital, he is comatose. When she is alone in the room with him he speaks to her telling her to find Mae Nak. She needs to find the body of the ancient legend so that Mak can come out of his coma.

At first Nak thinks that Mae Nak is protecting them when the robbers and anyone else who does harm to her or Mak seems to end up dead. But Mae Nak is not doing these deeds without a price, she wants Nak to find her body and restore her stolen item to her or she will take Mak from Nak to replace her long dead love.

I really liked this story. Maybe it had such substance because it has been handed down through many generations. The ghost was both scary and sweet depending on the circumstance, not just a mindless killing machine but a very emotional entity with definite purpose. The story does seem a little slow at some points but the payoff is a few graphic and unique deaths. Let me just say it's probably a bad idea to be around anyone moving glass panels when there's a pissed off ghost hanging around.


DCD said...

Mak, Nak and Mae Nak are on a fence...

Sorry, I was just sort of giggling over all those names. This sounds cool! That hole in her forehead is kinda freaking me out.

50PageMcGee said...

yeah seriously. you could totally just reach in there and swirl your hand around.

JPX said...

I have this one in my pile to watch, I'm so pleased that it's good!