Wednesday, November 12, 2008


(1998) ½

Brian has a real problem, his roommate Wade is gross and obnoxious. Brian wants to ask his girlfriend Annie to marry him but every time she comes over to his place Wade’s disgusting exposed butt crack grosses her out and she leaves. Brian arranges for Wade to go out to the movies with a friend so he & Annie can have some alone time. While on the way to the movies Wade gets annoyed with his friend and heads back for home. He arrives and begins dancing, corning poor Annie with his butt crack and causing her to vomit all over Wade & the kitchen. She leaves in a huff and Wade goes off to take a bath.

Brian goes in to yell at him, and accidentally drops the radio into the tub killing Wade. Wade’s sister, the voodoo priestess puts a curse on her brother proclaiming anyone who says Buttcrack 12 times in one breath will bring Wade back to life. Once he is reanimated, anyone who stares at his butt crack will become a flesh-eating zombie. It’s up to Preacher Man Bob to break the curse, put Wade back to rest and save the day.

This film was utterly horrible, not even a so bad it’s good. However, I did give it a half star for originality and the fact that it's presented by the Troma team. The Wade character is so friggin’ annoying I think I would have offed him with or without the butt crack exposure. Brian is a mullet-wearing pacifist and Annie needs to get a life. I mean please, if the sight of a butt crack makes her puke then I hope to hell she never needs to call a plumber.

Preacher Man Bob looks a bit like our friend Jay in his wooly-faced Phish lovin' days, JSP, Handsome Stan & JPX will know who I mean. Well enough said, you would be well advised to avoid this film at all cost.


JPX said...

Oh come on, that can't be a real movie! I swear, Catfeeek, I think you've made up half the movies you watched this year.

Yeah, that does look like 80s-era, Jay!

Catfreeek said...

Aaawwww, you busted me!

I wish I had made this one up it would have been less painful then actually watching it.

AC said...

i'm with jpx. my first (and only) impression is that this review was a practical joke. nothing can dissuade me from this opinion.

Catfreeek said...

Ok AC, here's the proof

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Landshark said...

Catfreek: "I'll watch fucking ANYTHING!"

Whirlygirl said...

Oh my god! Cat, this review just made my night. I can't believe you sat throguh this.

AC said...

nice try catfreeek. clearly you just hacked into the netflix and troma websites respectively.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Did you make any friends suffer through this or did you watch it on your own?

"Honey, I'm home! Whatcha watching there?"


Catfreeek said...

Sadly I watched it alone.

AC~ Be careful now, I might just have to send a copy of this turkey to you to prove myself then you'll just HAVE to watch it too.
Jeez, I'm just flattered you could think that I'm savvy enough to be able to hack into those sites.

AC said...

bring it catfreeek!

DCD said...

Ha-Ha! you guys crack me up so much!