Friday, November 07, 2008

Fog Island


Ex-convict and former investment broker, Leo Grainger, was recently released from prison and now lives with his stepdaughter Gail in a sprawling mansion on remote Fog Island, previously a sanctuary for pirates. Leo was originally sentenced to prison because he was accused of swindling his clients out of their riches. Leo, for his part, proclaims his innocence over the money scandal and previously accused his clients of having sour grapes over poor investments. During his time in prison Gail’s mother was mysteriously murdered and Leo believes it was revenge from his former clients who continue to believe that he has a fortune stowed away.

Leo decides upon a little revenge of his own and he announces to Gail that he has invited his old conies to the island for a weekend getaway. Leo is certain that they will all accept his invitation because he intimated that there would be some retribution for their troubles. Leo’s plan works perfectly and all of his greedy former associates show up for their reward. What they don’t realize is that Leo has set a nasty little trap for them.

I wonder where this secret door leads to? Oh what the hell, it can only lead to something good, right?

Like so many films from this time Fog Island features everything you would want in a 1940s mystery/chiller including a large gloomy mansion, dames you shouldn’t trust, a butler that might not be all he appears to be, and things that go bump in the night. Leo’s plan is quite vicious and although it relies on a lot of variables coming together perfectly (e.g., Luke’s plan to get out of the jam he got into with Jabba the Hutt), it’s still fun to watch it unfold.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

So why only the ** then?

JPX said...

I gave it a lower rating only because there was nothing remotely original about it and if you totally skip watching it you won't be missing anything.