Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don’t Go In The Woods Alone

(1981) *½

Four hikers go camping in the woods after being warned that there is something in their killing people. Strangely enough, they aren’t the only one’s stupid enough to venture into the deadly woods. There are bird watchers, a young couple and a pair of wheezing overweight tourists roaming around to name a few.

I will kill you with my pointy stick. Ooops, wait here, I forgot to make it pointy.

Most of these people meet with a grizzly demise at the hands of a burly crazed woodsman dressed in animal skins. The local sheriff chooses to ignore the problem until the body count gets so high that he actually has to get off his lazy ass and do something. That something includes bringing 2 survivors whom had finally made it out of the woods, back into the woods to help him.

Early 80’s garbage. Some of the deaths are creative but other than that, uugh! That quirky, comic relief tuba music is playing when the fat couple is huffing up the trail, really annoying. The acting is so bad it’s like the director just went around his neighborhood asking random people if they wanted to be in a movie.

Some of the deaths are sort of creative, although the director dragged the film out with long unnecessary nature shots, which only succeed in making the film boring. My advice, don’t watch this film.


JPX said...

You definitely win the prize for unearthing the most films I've never heard of that are awful! I like the pictures/captions =)

Catfreeek said...

This was one of those painful to get through flicks. I found a lot of those in the Netflix instant watch library. What a way to start the day, watching a flick that just makes you feel more tired.