Friday, November 07, 2008


(1974) ***

Based on the true story of Ed Gein and quite close to the truth too. Ezra Cobb lives with and takes care of his bed-ridden mother. Mom is very overbearing and in her desperation to keep Ezzie all to herself she has convinced him that all women are evil. Explaining to him, “Remember, Ezra: The wages of sin are syphilis, gonorrhea and death.”

A little dinner music

After she dies he is heartbroken and loneliness begins to wear on him terribly. After a year of trying to cope with life without Mama he finally snaps and digs her up and takes her home. He sees that some of Mama has begun to rot and she needs a few repairs. He begins robbing graves for spare parts to patch her up with. Eventually he decides that he needs fresher pieces so they will last longer which leads him to commit murder.

Mama says I can trust you because you're fat

This movie was a complete surprise to me and I own it. It was on a double-sided disc with Motel Hell and I had never bothered to watch it until now. The only real complaint I have which really isn’t totally a complaint is the background music. Throughout the entire film there is an organ playing the hymn “The Old Rugged Cross”. At first it was really annoying but after he starts collecting body parts and killing people that soothing church music became hilarious.


This is totally worth watching and Roberts Blossom does an outstanding job as Ezra Cobb. Maybe I should take another look and see what other gems are hiding in my dvd collection.

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Johnny Sweatpants said...

I also own this double feature! I really liked this movie and believe I gave it **** back in the day. It's no Psycho but it's still creepy as hell.